About ClearPoint

Unlike specialty firms with a narrow focus, or high price firms geared toward large companies, we are focused on the specific needs of small companies.  We serve that important gap not served by other trusted professional advisors like accountants and attorneys. ClearPoint is not a franchise and we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach.  We are relaxed but urgent in helping you address issues and will let you set the agenda on what is most important to you.  When a specialist is needed, we have a network of like-minded professionals who can provide expert help under our guidance.

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To help small companies meet the challenges and opportunities they face every day through sound advice, clear direction, and practical solutions.


Fulfilled Businesses, Better Leaders, Stronger Communities


  • Trustworthy above all else
  • Client-centered every day
  • Improvement never ends
  • Excellence in all we do

All clients benefit from the following:

An advisor who cares about your business as much as you do.

Services tailored to your needs, not the needs of a franchise offering

Down-to-earth rates that don’t get in the way of a successful engagement

Worry-free cancellation policy with no long-term commitments or contracts.

24-hour availability for those sleepless nights.

An educational approach so you learn while improving your company.

Who We help

Small companies are the economic engine of America.  Helping small businesses become better is good for them and good for their communities.  They employ people, donate to charitable causes, serve customers and pay taxes.  We are all-in for small companies and we focus our efforts to the specific needs of companies with fewer than 150 employees and revenue of less than $30 million.  We help with things like:

  • Family-owned and operated businesses that need an outside, unbiased view of management structure, culture, and decision-making processes

  • Successful, growing businesses that need a clearer way to keep track of finances and reporting

  • Newer companies that need to institute best practices in strategic planning, human resources, financial management, sales and marketing, and structured decision-making processes

  • Privately-held businesses that seek help in preparing to sell

  • Distressed companies that need a turn-around plan and accountability

  • Any company that needs “fractional” help with management-related tasks and duties.

Our Approach

Clear Direction…Practical Solutions.  That motto drives how we work.  We strive to address specific issues with applicable solutions, without getting off track.  That said, we also view businesses holistically and can work open-ended with clients to serve as an executive-on-call, business coach and routine advisor.  Our goal is to serve our clients with engagements that prioritize their needs.
We start with a simple diagnostic process to determine where you are and where you want to be.  What are your current challenges?  What are your short-term and long-term goals?  Do you have a strategic plan? Let’s identify the “knowns” and we will help uncover the “unknowns”.

It Works Like This:

  • An initial diagnostic will help determine your area of need in areas such as financial performance reporting, company culture and organizational structure, branding and marketing, sales, and customer service.

  • From there, we help you develop a plan, establish priorities, and structure goals.

  • If desired, routine meetings can be scheduled to keep you on track and optimized as a leader and as a business.

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Pricing Policy

  • Are you leery of high-priced consultants? There’s no need to overpay for great guidance, and we aren’t satisfied unless we provide high value for our clients.

  • For retained advisory and coaching services, packages are available starting at down-to-earth rates.  For single projects, we work from an hourly rate and bill monthly.  We will estimate our projected total hours using a not-to-exceed number and provide a detailed scope-of-work for your project.

  • We offer a variety of bundled services to provide a complete, single-price solution related to specific areas of strategic planning, finance, marketing, human resources, and others.